Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Message from the new OPSRRA Newsletter editor

I’ve lived in Otter Point for 44 years. When I first came here, the West Coast Road was so quiet, so devoid of traffic, that I sometimes thought I could lay down in the middle of the road and not be bothered by traffic for hours.

Times have changed. Logging trucks with Jake brakes, double loads, who cross over into the oncoming lane with frequency. Gravel trucks going over the speed limit, motorcycles without mufflers.

I have been told if someone were looking at Otter Point from across the Strait, it would look like a massive clear-cut. That’s because it is. Great tracks of land are bought by forest companies, real estate companies, clear cut and because there is no requirement to replant, they don’t.

Otter Point is changing. Hey, there are trees everywhere, one could say. Yes, but not everywhere.
The photograph below is a clear cut. What does this mean for Otter Point? I’m going to find out.

 Pete Rockwell photograph

I‘m a member of OPSRRA because It provides a place where people can be heard. The board of OPSRRA attends meetings regarding land use and planning, meets with CRD and Provincial representatives, and provides a place where people can bring their concerns.

Join us, it costs only 10 dollars to join, and that’s a lifetime membership. Come to our meetings. Tell us what you want to happen in Otter Point.

Write to me if you have something you’d like in the newsletter (remove the spaces): opsrranewsletter @ gmail . com

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