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Meeting: Safety, speed, and noise on Otter Point and West Coast Roads

I’ve been getting wonderful images daily from The Story People for years. But, one stopped me with its important question:

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Of course, it could be answered on a global level, an environmental level, a political level. But I answered it on a local level.  Do I want to live in this West Coast Road/ Otter Point Road world where there is consistent speeding, terrible noise from trucks using jake brakes and motorcycles without mufflers? This beautiful world where the sound of birds disappears for hours at a time.

People tell me their stories: chasing after speeding motorcycles with a broom; standing in their path; having to wear ear protectors all the time when they are outside. People no longer walk the road, there are very few cyclists.
Companies in Victoria are afraid to deliver on the West Coast Road because there are so many people speeding.

What kind of world do we want?

Meeting: Safety, speed, and noise on Otter Point and West Coast Roads

November 5, 2017
1:15 to 3:00 P.M.
JDF building on Otter Point Road, 3-7450 Butler Road, Otter Point, BC

We’ve asked the following people to give short presentations:

  • Shawn Haley-Ministry of Transportation
  • Jeff McArthur-RCMP
  • Al Wickheim-Emergency Preparedness
  • Colleen Woodward-ICBC
  • Truck Loggers Association representative.

There will be lots of time for questions, comments, and personal stories.
Bring them. What kind of world do we want?

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