Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Come and listen to our panel discussion, bring your questions and concerns as well as suggestions and ideas for improvement.

A Panel Discussion with:

Moderator:  Mike Hicks, Regional Director, Juan de Fuca Electoral Area

Welcome Message:  Bruce Fogg EA to Premier John Horgan

S/Sgt Jeff McArthur, RCMP
Al Wickheim, First Responder
Jan Lansing, Manager CVSE
Pam Jorgenson, RPF|Land Use Forester, TimberWest
Rob Moonen, CEO BC Forest Safety Council [added October 31, 2019]

Additional Guests:

Steve Bauer, Regional Manager CVSE
Guest from TimberWest TBA

Question Answer Period Following

Sunday, November 5, 2017
1:30-3:30 pm

JDF Local Area Services Building
#3-7450 Butler Road, Otter Point
 (Sooke Business Park)

Everyone Welcome Refreshments by Donation

The Long and Winding Road

People living in Otter Point, Shirley and Jordan River rely on West Coast or Otter Point Roads to get to and from their homes. Both roads roughly follow the old tracks of the carriage routes or logging roads they initially were and are infamous for their sharp curves, poorly banked corners, narrow gauge, minimal shoulders and poor sight lines. Add fog, rain, darkness, fallen trees, wildlife encounters and the need for dealing with challenging conditions increases. Additional traffic makes for even greater challenges.

Our area is a recreational mecca with its beaches, hiking trails, wilderness, and natural beauty not to mention great restaurants; the steady stream of weekend and holiday traffic attests to that. The roads themselves are a draw for motorcyclists and cyclists because of the unique challenges they present. More and more people are choosing to make their homes here, despite the relative remoteness, which means more commuters.  As well, with growing numbers of commercial and industrial vehicles on the road, the drive can be a demanding, frustrating, chaotic and dangerous experience. The associated increase in noise levels interferes with the quiet enjoyment of property people expect to have in a rural area.

We all want safe roads and to preserve our valued rural lifestyle. West Coast Road and Otter Point Roads are our major vital links.

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